ClockOut #08: Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! Design the life you want to live in 2018.


How was your 2017? Did you accomplish what you set out to do at the end of 2016?

Once again, we are at the time of the year when we contemplate our resolutions! But how often do we accomplish everything we set out to do? In fact, most of us DON'T achieve our goals at the end of the year.

How can we change this narrative? How can we keep track off our progress and not get lost in the day to day tasks? How do we ensure that we are moving towards our goals, slowly but surely, so that when we look back in December 2018, we can be proud of ourselves? As the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short. Let's make 2018 your best year yet!

Who should attend this meetup?

Anyone who is keen to reflect on their past year; to discover which parts of your life gave you much joy, parts that were emotionally draining, and are ready to map out their 2018 and take actions to achieve those goals!

Here's the format for the evening:

7:00pm: Arrival and get settled in :) Make some new friends. Optional: Switch off your mobile phones

7:20pm: Sit in a circle and enjoy 10 minutes of silence together

7:30pm: 2017-2018 reflection workshop kicks off! The session will alternate between periods of solitary reflection and group discussions

9:00pm: Approximate finish time. We usually hang out afterwards to continue our conversations over some food and drinks at a nearby cafe or food court.

When we did a reflection session for 2016 at the beginning of 2017, we found that many of us faced very similar problems in our lives - relationship frictions, losing sight of our goals as the year went on, not appreciating the people in our lives, slipping back into bad habits - and that it helped us to gain clarity on why we made the decisions we made in 2016! Through the sharings we were able to swap tips that helped us get over our rough patches, and we were able to learn from one another, and hold non-judgemental space for one another.

What is ClockOut series?

ClockOut is a community for those who would like to mentally 'clock out' from the daily grind, so that you can give yourself time and energy to consciously design the life you would like to live. We spend time actively working on issues in our lives that holds us back from being better versions of ourselves through various activities. We believe in using design frameworks to work on our inner mindset to see external outputs. All it takes is 2-3 hours of your time each month :)

Venue Partner

The Hive :) Thank you for your beautiful space to host the meetup!

A beautifully designed workspace in a city centre location with a 5 minute walk from Clarke Quay Mrt. The Hive Singapore is designed for your way of working and living – a comfortable and welcoming environment where your business can thrive with a lovely coworking community that spans 4 countries, giving you access to a deep network of potential investors, suppliers of goods or services and clients.

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Wed Jan 10, 2018
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